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As SEO in BPO (Outsource SEO) market, we’d like to make two points about what location means in the Internet marketing world.

First, our list of Internet marketing clients includes companies hundreds, even thousands, of miles away. It also includes companies within walking distance or where we can drive easily.

The beauty of the Web may be that it’s world-wide, but a lot of people prefer to deal with somebody nearby right!.

Many people find a comfort level in face-to-face contact, in meeting for SEO consultancy instead of relying on conference calls, emails and client extranets.

As SEO consultants, we know what out-of-town clients need and what our neighbors need, and are equally versed in serving both.

The real area where location matters in search engine optimization is in the increasing sophistication of major search engines and their ability to match results to your location.

The beta MSN search had a “near me” button when it launched (even though it was pulled offline after a bit for more fine tuning). Yahoo and Google have Local options, and Google AdWords has a way of matching paid ads to your location.

The fact that terms such as India and search engine optimization can be matched is not all that surprising. If you are searching for a plumber in Delhi, you don’t need results from Hyderabad. Don’t forget that when Ask Jeeves launched, its founders spoke boldly of challenging telephone yellow pages. Location-specific search would be a key component of any such strategy.

In fact, we have already started studying to see if unethical search engine spammers could cheat in the rankings by lying about their address being closer to city centers.

At SEO, we believe our clients need to score well for both their relevant keywords and for many clients, for their relevant keywords matched to their location. It’s not something every SEO outfit is doing nowadays, but that’s just yet another reason to pick SEO India for your Internet marketing services.

You’ll be amazed how much you can learn in a single phone call, and in fact, you can learn even more if you fill out a SEO needs query first.

And for the record, our SEO Internet marketing firm may be local to Montenegro, but most of our customers are in other states. We are a local company with a national/international SEO service footprint. All of our employees work at NOIDA office in Montenegro.

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If you still have some questions regarding SEO from India (SEO India) for search engine optimization of web site from India, just read our SEO India FAQ’s. We hope you will get answer of every doubt that you may have about SEO India.